You Are Not Alone-Broken Silent Voice!

Never Give up,Today is hard,tomorrow will be worse,but day after tomorrow will be sunshine!!

I got bullied faced backlashes,
But moving forward is my only motive!

I died everyday for ten years,
But I am not ashamed of facing fear!

I cried sleepless nights with tears falling on my pillow,
But I am not guilty of living under dark clouds in the winter!

I got questioned about being yellow in the red,
I was told not to show myself to the world,
But I am not afraid of living alone!

I might be different,
I might not be the same,But I am who I am!

And I want to tell you to never be ashamed of being You!Those who care will always fight back for you and stand beside you even under the darkest clouds above the head.
Even if you are standing alone right now,don’t be ashamed or felt left for being you,You Are Not Alone!It’s gonna be okay,Everything gonna be alright.Stand up and fight back for your own sake and for your own life.

You Matter,Your Life Matters!!

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