It’s fair or not fair,that’s the Question I every time ask to the Higher power!
If The steering wheel of this bus is in your hand,why the passengers are divided into halves?

If everyone is equal on the cart,why everyone has not their own equal parts?
If everything is one,how come everyone not have everything?
If the one that live has to die,then why some has to die while they live before they die at last?
Why every morning some are on the seat,and some on the floor
Why every night some one is full and some are hollow
Why there is different in this your indifferent world?
Why that has it all see other as victim
If everyone is same or equal,how come i don’t feel like them
Why there is comparison while we all are same
They say be kind and love one another
How can i be kind if i am not able to love or feel the same

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