Me My Thoughts And Anxiety!

Writing helps me getting out of many conditions like anxiety these days..

I need some time to sleep but my thoughts never leave me,
There is no door to shut the thoughts out and leave anxiety.

Feeling like crying but tears are not falling out of me.
I wish I could share or tell someone what is happening,
But its too hard to explain how anxiety is getting me.

I keep telling myself I am doing just fine
But then my thoughts shut me off and push me back to anxiety.

Sometimes I am too suffocated to breathe,too numb to sleep and close my eyes.
I wish there is a door to shut the thoughts out and leave anxiety.

I want to love you like never being loved before,
Want to feel you on me like I have never been alone.
And I promise I will win this fight over anxiety for our love and for family!

For people out there who are having anxiety issues,I want to say I know sometimes its too hard to say or express yourself and your feelings.And By no means I am assuming I am an expert or something who has all the answers,the thing is I am assuming..and that’s how we all relate and if you are having anxiety like myself I want you to know that sometimes its Ok not to be ok..that’s alright,you are not alone!And if there is someone in your friends or family who is having anxiety issues as well just let them know that they are Ok!

In someways for myself-In the end on the positive note,I will say Anxiety has made me understand that I care what I am thinking about.And I am grateful and feel blessed to have what I have in my life.

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