Love Letter!

I always try to write something from which everyone can benefit or learn from,but today I want to express my feelings.
So as the title says its a “Love Letter” to the person I am in love with from the first time I saw him..Actually,I am quite not sure whether I should post it or not because the person I am in love with does not know about this yet.But I think I am gonna do it..just putting it out in the universe you know..!!

So it all started on 21st Dec,2014 at 10:07PM -yeah I know the exact timings,may be it sounds like I am such a looser,but anyway..!!Here is the short love letter to you-

We started as friends and I was in relationship with someone else at that time,but you were always there- both through hard and smooth ways.I can tell you anything you won’t judge you just listen.And when I actually express my feelings,you were with someone else and I didn’t know about that .Until last December,I always thought may be the right time will never come.But we overcame many things.

And now,Its like I have never been so sure about anything like I am sure about us.I want to tell you that I love you and I cannot imagine my future without you.I cannot stop thinking about you.I want to have family and grow old with you.But you left that breaks me.I want to trust you,I really do.I miss you so much that it feels like my heart will explode.I know you understand how I am feeling right now.So I can only perceive by using imagination and believe that everything will be real!There are many things going on in life but there is an important thing in my life that I cannot ignore that is how I am connected to you. Where-ever I go you are always in my heart!

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