The Yellow Flower!

A yellow flower blossom in the middle of garden of beautiful red flowers.It faced lot of harshness and negativity while growing up because of its yellow color and for being different from others.This story is about “The Yellow Flower” journey from being lonely and sad to Wise and Happy!

Once upon a time,there was a garden of beautiful red flowers.Every morning,every flower shines as the shiny ray of sunlight falls on them.The flowers in the garden are very beautiful and people wanted to bring those flowers with them for their loved ones.One day,a flower blossom in the middle of beautiful red flowers and this flower appears to be yellow instead of red.

The flowers around the yellow flower don’t want to be grown around it because it is different from them,they fear that they will turn into yellow if they will be around it so the yellow flower always felt lonely,sad and never have any friend.

Everyday,People come to garden and take beautiful red flowers with them to give them to their loved ones.No one ever took yellow flower.Merely two or three people seems happy to see the yellow flower thinking its different and every time seeing them coming,the yellow flower shines with happiness and with tears of joy.But on the last step when they see the yellow petals,they always turn back saying excuses whatever comes to their mind on the spot.

The yellow flower has mother and father who are also red flowers like others.Its mother and father always support it and say,”You are beautiful and special as the way you are!”The yellow flower loved its parents very much so it never told its parents how other red flowers behaved towards her and say harsh and mean things to her because the yellow flower does not want her parents to worry for her.

Sometimes the yellow flower tried to pour lots of water on itself thinking its yellow color may be fade away and its color may turn red and it may feel normal like others,but that never happened.

As the time passes,yellow flower grows up and started accepting the things as they are and also started appreciating its own beauty.

The yellow flower has now become so strong from everyone’s rejection that it learns to respect everyone’s feeling around her because yellow flower now knows how it feels when someone say harsh things and hurt you.

The yellow flower grows as a kind and loving flower.The yellow flower always tries to keep everyone happy and to bring smile on everyone’s face.

The yellow flower has now started feeling happy on little things happens in its life.The yellow flower thanks God everyday for giving life and bestest parents.With time,the yellow flower seems to have patience and faith everything it believed.

One day morning,the yellow flower was recognized by flower specialist and he falls in love with yellow flower’s beauty and its being different quality.The flower specialist was so moved by yellow flower’s beauty that he took it with himself and watered it everyday so that the yellow flower always glows and shine.The yellow flower then always stays happy ever after.

Like yellow flower,we should always have faith in what we believe because-
“The only light upon future in faith!”Always believe in yourself that one day its going to be okay!

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Unrequited Love!

I have confessed my feelings more than countable time.I was broke,was left alone,was near to killed myself,but due to blessing and my best friend Grandmother,I put myself up and now here I am…

Actually…It took me long time to realize what actually “Love” is..I think about Love very deeply and now I want to inspire peeps to love yourself first….first value yourself only  then other will value and your importance…..

Always remember,In “Love” we never “fall”,we always “RISE” in love….

“Love” is never about getting whom you want or sacrificing him or her…Its giving all what you own and what you can give to make your love happy.

“Love”  is  remaining silent and feeling it in your heart..Its  not  expressing what you feel…..

its not being fair or unfair….“Love” is all about understanding why its fair and unfair..

Its not different persons having single thought….Its  having a thought of happiness to make each other happy whether your thoughts are same or not..!!

its not  feeling sad or drinking alcohol when winter comes…Its feeling its happiness whether its summer or winter

“Love” is not getting angry when the time gets rough…its  drinking your anger and masters in patience..

“Love” is not getting depressed why he or she left….why he or she fooled you….Its  being happy that you contribute to make one happy,sometimes being fool worth’s because if your becoming fool makes someone happy…then I think that’s the best because making someone happy and smile is the best reward we can give to anyone..!!

I will try my best to give people a good article to read about the issues that are faced  by youngsters like me by sharing my experiences …Because,we youngsters have such problems that we can not share with anyone….I want to change the world i know its a small mouth and big saying…but i and we will…if we start by ourselves and change our attitude towards Life…:)


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My Mistake,I am Sorry!

I think at one point in life everyone gets cheated on and heartbroken  in love and think its their mistake for trusting the wrong person. I am also one of them,I was being fooled for almost two years,here is what I have to say about…..

At first,when i found out that I am in love with you…I tried to ran away thinking may be you will also left me alone and should stay away but failed to do so…..My mistake,I am sorry…!!

I shared every small secret with you and was expecting you also did so….My mistake,I am sorry!!

I always tried to make sure I will never hurt you and was expecting you also think so….My mistake,I am sorry!!

I made you my first priority and was thinking you had also made so…..My mistake,I am sorry!!

I had made your dreams mine and was thinking you had also made so…My mistake,I am sorry!!
You told me you don’t believe in love,but still loved you…..Its my mistake,I am sorry!!

You told me that once I was your crush but I made you my “The One”….WELL NEVER MIND…..IT’S MY MISTAKE,i AM SORRY!!

I was thinking you are the one for me and was also expecting from  you to think so….I am sorry,My mistake!!

I want to spend sometime before new year with you to tell you what you are for me,I waited all night for your call or message to meet…But for you…I was disturbance i think…..well I think its My mistake i am sorry for disturbing you…!!

We are totallly opposite but still I used to think we are forever and always used to say never say never but that was mistake,I am sorry!!

May be  all the songs that you have sent me  love and feelings-full song are just for fun….but I thought you feel the same how I do….. I am sorry,My Mistake!!

I was being fool so far and now left alone but never mind because all this time it was mistake….I am sorry!!

Thanks for everything……but I am leaving now….I don’t want to get hurt again…so Goodbye….. because all this time…..its all my mistakes….I am sorry!!

I really hope you love my writings and can relate,Check out my blog to know me better and to see your own story in my writings!