My Mistake,I am Sorry!

I think at one point in life everyone gets cheated on and heartbroken  in love and think its their mistake for trusting the wrong person. I am also one of them,I was being fooled for almost two years,here is what I have to say about…..

At first,when i found out that I am in love with you…I tried to ran away thinking may be you will also left me alone and should stay away but failed to do so…..My mistake,I am sorry…!!

I shared every small secret with you and was expecting you also did so….My mistake,I am sorry!!

I always tried to make sure I will never hurt you and was expecting you also think so….My mistake,I am sorry!!

I made you my first priority and was thinking you had also made so…..My mistake,I am sorry!!

I had made your dreams mine and was thinking you had also made so…My mistake,I am sorry!!
You told me you don’t believe in love,but still loved you…..Its my mistake,I am sorry!!

You told me that once I was your crush but I made you my “The One”….WELL NEVER MIND…..IT’S MY MISTAKE,i AM SORRY!!

I was thinking you are the one for me and was also expecting from  you to think so….I am sorry,My mistake!!

I want to spend sometime before new year with you to tell you what you are for me,I waited all night for your call or message to meet…But for you…I was disturbance i think…..well I think its My mistake i am sorry for disturbing you…!!

We are totallly opposite but still I used to think we are forever and always used to say never say never but that was mistake,I am sorry!!

May be  all the songs that you have sent me  love and feelings-full song are just for fun….but I thought you feel the same how I do….. I am sorry,My Mistake!!

I was being fool so far and now left alone but never mind because all this time it was mistake….I am sorry!!

Thanks for everything……but I am leaving now….I don’t want to get hurt again…so Goodbye….. because all this time…..its all my mistakes….I am sorry!!

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